Founder's Message

Life has twists and turns and sometime in these twists and turns the thing we leave behind is the one that is very dear to our heart. I know this happened to me and I was sure that there would be others who would share my sentiment. This was the reason I decided to start a group of artists who are far from their homeland and are so busy living their everyday life that the thing that was once a passion has now taken a backseat.

For a year I was trying to find the artist in our Indian community but with little success. Then finally one day a friend gave me the names of a few people who she thought might be interested. Then from one to the other there was these people who collected who were so passionate about their art but were caught up in everyday life - exactly the set I was looking for! So we formed this group and gave it the name Kalakruti. Since then we have been meeting regularly and motivating and encouraging each other to pick up that pencil and brush and get back to doing what we are very good at- creating art. Our group has members who are coming out of dormancy and blossoming, trying out new and unfamiliar mediums and finding strength in each other.

Now our group consists an assortment of people, those who have had real art training, people who are self taught and also people who are picking up the brush for the first time and finding the enjoyment that comes from creating a thing of beauty.

We are also trying to reach out into our community and participating in the cultural events by exhibiting our work and selling products with our work to raise money for causes that are important to our community members.

This is our story and here I present our group ………………

Mridula Satyamurti
Kalakruti, MA

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