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I am a scientist by training and an academician by profession with a lifelong passion for art. I started drawing before I could write and with the encouragement of my parents spent my childhood constantly drawing and painting. Somehow life came in the way of my art and only few years ago I got back to painting. I have been trying my hand at oil and watercolors and occasionally sculpting. I hope to never stop again…

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If I am asked to describe myself in one sentence then it is "Art is my life". As a child I was always curious to learn beadwork , embroidery orknitting from my grandmother. I cultivated a hobby of painting through fabric painting 24 years ago, in India. I have a bachelor's degree in commerce. Along with that I did home science, which also taught me how to integrate art in my daily life. My parents as well as my  art teacher inspired me to paint and with their motivation I always kept my hobby of painting alive. After moving to the States I learnt 'One Stroke' painting and oil painting.  Now, I mostly work with oils and acrylics on landscapes and inspirations from nature. Recently I have also started glass painting, and 3D Art on pots.  I feel that art is everywhere around you, you only need to learn to appreciate it. I hope to continue learning to live through my passion for art.

A Software Engineer by profession and self-taught Artist by passion, Giri Pottepalem has been into arts  since his childhood. With no formal training in art, he believes he inherited this skill from his Dad who was also his inspiration. Art took a back seat in his life as career and family took the precedence. However, without regretting the past, he made art a part of his life now.

Giri’s journey of art began as a hobby in his childhood, later transformed into a passion. But, it’s only recently he started to experience it solely from his heart. He has done numerous artworks in various media; pencil, ballpoint pen, ink, sketch pens, watercolors, and oils. He also does illustrations, and sculptures with soaps & clay. Realism is his approach to art and he is not satisfied until his work looks beautiful to him. Beauty, richness and skill are the main aspects that he always looks for, in art.

In one word art means, soul to Giri.

I am a business analyst by profession and artist, art teacher by hobby. My journey to art has started with my first oil painting in 1995.This painting not only unleashed my artistic talent but also gave me a path to build my childhood interest into passion.  Since then I kept the passion alive by creating own art work using different media and teaching kids at my own art school. I find greatest joy in teaching and get utmost satisfaction by sharing the essence, happiness of painting, and spark the imagination in kids. I get inspired by an artwork which touches my heart with a great feeling of joy every time I see. My major work is using oil colors on canvas, 2D/3D painting using clay on canvas. Hope this beautiful artistic journey continues forever...

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I am a self-taught artist and a Software Engineer by profession.  Being surrounded by an artistic father and mother has taught me the passion for capturing beautiful things.  Life took hold over the next 15 years which took me away from it.  Re-discovering this passion has been very exhilarating and liberating for me.  I am really enjoying my artistic endeavors which has also made me see the beauty around me with new eyes.  Losing myself in my art gives me the ultimate satisfaction.

I am a self employed and also a part-time teacher by profession. My passion for art and music began as a child and my parents always encouraged.I began practicing drawing by example and I always did henna tattoos, embroidery, fabric painting and pencil drawings from childhood as a hobby. I continue to do henna tattoos till date. I started to look at henna magazines and basically anything I thought I might be able to. As I grew, developed interest in art of various forms. And now since last five years I am back on the path for my love for art to draw and paint on canvas using oils, acrylics and watercolors. I hope to continue to work on my passion for art.

Were it not for the Kalakrutiama , my artistic attributes would lay dormant My background in environment engineering makes me a natural with landscape art and florals that I am exploring in pastels and water colors. My interaction with this group has inspired me to explore and pursue art, so much so that now I can not stop painting.

I have been painting from a very young age. I began as a realistic painter, over the years became more impressionistic and now find myself moving towards semi abstract work. My inspiration comes from life around me, nature, city life, suburbs, people, seasons, colors and moods. I work primarily in acrylics, watercolors and oils.

Today, I offer high quality fine art instruction to adults and children that teaches students how to "see and read" paintings. The curriculum (designed by me) includes the use of several media - pencil, charcoal, soft pastels, oil pastels, watercolors and acrylics. Adult students and children create paintings in several genres including still-life, flowers, the figure, landscape, portraiture, and  cartooning. I teach in group and private lessons. I teach all mediums and all genres of art.

I also conduct Paint Alongs for adults and children throughout the year. I am an active member of several local art societies and organizations and have participated in many group and solo shows. I create and sell artwork through group and solo shows, galleries and my professional blog and facebook page

Please drop in online to see more of my work.

Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”  

I am an artist by heart and also carrying passion for teaching Arts, Crafts and Maths.  Since childhood I have been passionate for arts & mathematics and It’s my father, a professor in Agriculture University, who sowed the seed-of-love for arts & design in me. As I completed my Masters in Mathematics, the passion & understanding of design & sketching also grew. I always believe that Maths & Arts go hand-in-hand. To bring-out the hidden talent within students,  I teach sketching, painting, crafts & dance to adults & kids of all age groups. I run classes in Norwood-Walpole area and also an instructor at Academy of Creative arts in Burlington.

While in Boston, I joined Intense Art classes at Museum of Fine Arts under artist Carmella Yager. To further pursue my interest with digital-media & graphics-design, I attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design for web-design course.

My interest areas of work are semi-abstract, still-life and 3D painting with acrylic, oil, charcoal and oil pastel. I also express my art with web & graphic design. I am an active member in local Art-groups and has been participating and presenting my work at various exhibitions and charity events.

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Working with children is my passion. I help children bring out their imagination and creativity through art.
I live in Nashua, NH. For the past 20 years, I have held many different positions, from teaching to school administration.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Teaching Certificate for New Hampshire.  Currently I am a teacher for the Nashua School District.
After working with children in the classroom all day, I teach art to children after school. Some might think I'm crazy, but children are imaginative and creative and I love their energy! We have so much fun together as we draw, paint and interact.
I am also a local artist and participate in art events and shows. I work mainly with oils, acrylics and pastels. Over the weekends I keep myself busy doing organized paint nights, children art birthday parties and painting customized art for clients.

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After working in a corporate environment as an engineer for more than 20 years, I decided to embrace art as my full time profession couple of years ago. Art is a foundational part of my life, and I feel fortunate to follow my passion and spend time experimenting with it.

I studied fine arts while I was in school and collage and I primarily work with oils, acrylics and watercolors. I provide bespoke art and design, custom art consultation, art classes for children and adults and paint-together sessions for teens and adults. My art work has received numerous awards, and has been exhibited at various charity events, solo and group art exhibitions in both India and the US.


An artist residing in Chelmsford with a passion for real flowers and leaves has been creating paintings and other things using pressed real flowers, acrylics, water colors and other mixed media items. She also paints floral, Landscapes,  Seascapes, Still Life.

In her own words "My mom introduced me to art and taught me to love and appreciate art."

Her Artwork has been a part of many solo and group Art Shows, Juried shows at various Art Galleries,Library shows, Lowell Art Walk and Chelmsford Art Walk(2012).Her Art Work has also been a part of "Doors Unhinged!". Her work was available for sale at Revolving Museum, Lowell.
Her Art work has been honored with different awards that include: Second place in “Lowell Art Walk 2007,” First prize award in mixed media in the Fourth of July art show 2007, and an honorable mention award in mixed media category in the Fourth of July art show 2008 and others ...

She has been actively involved with different Art Organizations like ALL and Chelmsford Art Society at different levels. She has  been a  Board Member of the Chelmsford Art Society from last many years. She also organized Art projects for kids at "Essence of India" event for two years. Speaking of Art, she is also involved with Theatre groups and loves to act. She also teaches Art classes , summer art camps and painting workshops for adults at different locations.
In her own words  "I love Art and for me Art is life !!!"

I am an artist and designer from India with my forte being Madhubani Painting. An MBA graduate in Finance and a former corporate professional, I couldn’t let my obsession with art lay dormant for long and jumped to embrace it as full time profession at the first given opportunity. Although not being professionally trained in art, I use it to my advantage and create unconventional imperfections along my way which have now become my style and ‘artentity’. My works could be viewed at: and

I am an oil painting artist and love to paint colorful florals and landscapes. I really enjoy exploring different, mediums, crafts and techniques. I am a Finance professional and recently took a hiatus from my corporate career to focus more into my art and further my art journey.

For me, painting is a meditative and rewarding experience providing a sense of accomplishment and pure happiness. Through my paintings, I wish to express my awe, gratitude and happiness towards the immense beauty of Mother Nature who inspires me to paint colorful florals and landscapes; and play with compositions to capture the magnifique subjects she offers. I really enjoy painting in a loose, impressionistic style and bright colors are my go-to palette.

You can find my artwork at: and

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